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Peggy Davis

Pledged $0.50 per mile up to $57.00 for BlindDog

Ryan McLean

Pledged $0.25 per mile up to $275.00 for Jamison


Pledged $0.15 per mile up to $328.35 for Cookie









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When the hike is finished, sponsors make their donation based on miles hiked and HikeFor distributes the funds to the hiker's causes.
Top hikers from the HikeFor pilot "Hike for Haiti" year 2010


Meredith Ishida

Trail: Pacific Crest Trail
Cause: Casa
Goal: 2660 Miles   Hiked: 2660 Miles
Dates: Apr 16 2013 - Sep 12 2013
Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos is an organization caring for children in crisis. After working there for five years, I am now ... more
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Jason Barg

Trail: Appalachian Trail
Causes: TNC & StJUDE
Goal: 2189 Miles   Hiked: 2189 Miles
Dates: Mar 31 2015 - Sep 30 2015
Outdoor enthusiast. Hiking for the challenge, the thrill, the adventure. Looking to figure it all out. This is really just a ... more
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Joanna Ezinga

Trail: Appalachian Trail
Cause: MRS
Goal: 2189 Miles   Hiked: 1410 Miles
Dates: Mar 18 2015 - Jul 22 2015
In 2010 I accidentally became a long distance hiker when my one month hike on the Appalachian Trail turned into a 6 month ... more
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The Wandering Kadings

Kelly and Amy Kading

Trail: Pacific Crest Trail
Causes: ALZ & NMSS
Goal: 2650 Miles   Hiked: 800 Miles
Dates: May 07 2015 - Sep 21 2015
We are two newlyweds who are embarking on quite the adventure. While doing so, we hope to raise money and awareness for two ... more
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Year 2010 hikers raised more than $6500
for Kleiwerk International's project in Haiti!

A sincere thank you to all the hikers and sponsors who participated in 2010! 100% of the funds raised went directly to support the amazing efforts of Kleiwerks International in Haiti.

What did the money achieve?

From the Kleiwerks website: "Kleiwerks has been on the ground in Haiti since February 2010. Our primary goal is to improve long-term security on behalf of the Haitian people by offering training and technical support to individuals, organizations and communities that are interested in sustainable technologies. We are currently partnering with Haitian leaders, NGO's, and the international community to build capacity around shelter, water and food systems that are replicable, sustainable, and affordable." more info and videos here.